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Freelance 3D Animation

I’m a 3D generalist which means I have a solid knowledge in several areas of 3D animation including modelling, lighting, and animation. My 3D animation ranges in style from photorealistic to highly stylised and graphical. 3D animation I’ve created has been used for products and visualisation, characters, and motion graphics to name a few. From modelling through to rendering I’m able to produce exciting 3D animations where there’s very few limitations to what can be created.

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  • Village Cinemas The Nom Noms

    Village Cinemas The Nom Noms

    A group of characters called the Nom Noms were conceived by Melbourne agency Lifelounge for their client Village Cinemas to promote their candy bar products. After initial development these characters were then passed on to us to further refine using  a series of sketches, and then each was modelled, rigged, and textured in 3D for use in animation. In total five characters were created based on candy bar food products – Kernel Corn the Popcorn, Pop the Soda, Koolio the Choctop, Frank the Hotdog, and Salma the Nacho. Once each character was setup in 3D, four different animations were then…

  • AFL Stadium and LED Signage Animation

    AFL Stadium and LED Signage Animation

    In 2015 the MCG and Etihad stadium both installed LED signage and we were approached by our regular client AFL Media to develop animated content for several clubs. Since then we’ve become specialists in creating LED and Big Screen animated videos for stadiums around the entire country and have worked with several AFL football clubs including the Western Bulldogs, Carlton, Sydney, Geelong, St Kilda, Gold Coast and Essendon. We’ve also created animations for special AFL rounds and events including Anzac Day, Dreamtime at the G, and the Grand Final. Our experience and expertise in creating LED signage animations allows us…

  • Telstra Support Videos

    Telstra Support Videos

    A series of 4 animated web videos were created to assist customers with using Telstra’s products and services. The topics of each video were: Monitoring Data Usage, 24×7 App, My Account, Pre-Paid Recharge. These videos were an update on the 2D style videos previously created. To keep consistency across Telstra services the robot butler was replaced with a ‘Carebot’, and the style changed from a 2D look to fully 3D with a wider colour palette which increased the overall production values. The video above is an edited compilation of the 4 videos that were created. You can view each video…

  • Hinkler School Zone TVC

    Hinkler School Zone TVC

    <h6>Client</h6> <h6>Role</h6> Cyclone Creative got in touch with us to help bring another one of their concepts to life, and once they had developed the creative and art direction we worked with them every step way until we had delivered a colourful and playful TVC for their client Hinkler. Using supplied footage we composited the actor into a 3D world we created based around a book that comes to life and adapted their exiting characters from static 2D artwork into lively 3D versions. Several versions of the ad were also created at different durations and dimensions to suit various platforms….

  • RMIT Open Day

    RMIT Open Day

    These animations for RMIT Open Day feature 3D particle streams that comprise of the RMIT logo shape. For each shot the 3D renders were composited into supplied footage to give a photo-realistic impression that the particles were part of each scene. A glitch transition effects was also developed and used throughout. The footage used in several executions including online, social media, and web banner ads. <em>Produced for Cyclone Creative who supplied the concept, designs, and video footage.</em>

  • AFL Motion Graphics Reel

    AFL Motion Graphics Reel

    Here’s a selection of animated videos we’ve produced for the AFL and other related clients including television commercials, opening titles, online videos, stadium and LED signage. Most projects were commissioned and designed by AFL Media.

  • Telstra at your service

    Telstra at your service

    The video above is an edited compilation of the 4 x 1-2 minute videos that were created. These videos have since been updated and the style changed to 3D using the Telstra Carebot. The Telstra ‘at your service’ videos were created as a set of online videos to explain, promote, and highlight the features of several of their online tools and services including Telstra My Account, Telstra 24×7 App, Pre-Paid Recharge, and Data Usage. The videos were created for the agency Significant Others who created the script and many of the visual concepts and sketched storyboards. These storyboards were then…

  • Lifebroker Animations

    Lifebroker Animations

    Insurance company Lifebroker approached me to create 10 short web animated videos, each explaining a different product or service they offer. Their logo leant itself to being adapted as a character, and subsequently a family and other characters were created to explain each service. As many of the videos death with serious topics such as death and disability, the characters were used in a non-literal way to explain each product. The concept for each video was created by Chris Northey, and then developed using a sketched storyboard which was then translated to vibrant 3D animations.   TPD Insurance Video  …