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Freelance Motion Graphics

I create engaging motion graphics for a range of uses whether it be online video, television commercials, broadcast graphics to name a few. In addition to animating we can develop the visual style and storyboard the concept, or if you’ve already got that covered you can pass on your artwork to me to animate.

Motion Graphics (also known as broadcast design or motion design) is generally 2D animation comprising of graphic design assets including typography, icons, and other graphics. This style of animation has become increasingly popular in the past few years as it’s visually striking and engaging and is able to communicate a lot of often detailed and complex information in a short period. It has been used extensively on television commercials and programs, but the greatest use is on the web where these videos are taking centre stage on home pages to describe products or services. Where a user would in the past need to digest extensive amounts of text, they can now sit back and have all this information delivered in a brief and entertaining video.

View examples of Motion Graphics

  • AFL Stadium and LED Signage Animation

    AFL Stadium and LED Signage Animation

    In 2015 the MCG and Etihad stadium both installed LED signage and we were approached by our regular client AFL Media to develop animated content for several clubs. Since then we’ve become specialists in creating LED and Big Screen animated videos for stadiums around the entire country and have worked with several AFL football clubs including the Western Bulldogs, Carlton, Sydney, Geelong, St Kilda, Gold Coast and Essendon. We’ve also created animations for special AFL rounds and events including Anzac Day, Dreamtime at the G, and the Grand Final. Our experience and expertise in creating LED signage animations allows us…

  • Regional Roads Victoria Safety Videos

    Regional Roads Victoria Safety Videos

    This video is a compilation of all 8 videos created for this series. The individual videos that have been published to date can be viewed here. We worked with advertising agency 10 Feet Tall to create a series of 8 animated road safety videos for Regional Roads Victoria. A ‘Seasoned Driver’ character was created for each video, each from a different part of regional Victoria and explaining a different issue related to different seasons and weather. From the scripts and art direction provided by 10 Feet Tall we developed an the visual style and illustrations which we developed into engaging…

  • La Trobe University Alumni

    La Trobe University Alumni

    La Trove university approached us to create an animated video that helps explain their alumni community and the associated benefits. We created a lead alumni character from which the message is based around, along with a range of supporting alumni and student characters, all using a simple outlined style of illustration with engaging transitions between scenes.

  • ANZ Insights

    ANZ Insights

    Over the years I’ve made numerous promotional and animated explainer videos for ANZ and have been brought together some highlights in this short compilation.  

  • AFL Motion Graphics Reel

    AFL Motion Graphics Reel

    Here’s a selection of animated videos we’ve produced for the AFL and other related clients including television commercials, opening titles, online videos, stadium and LED signage. Most projects were commissioned and designed by AFL Media.

  • RAA Keep Kindness Moving TVC

    RAA Keep Kindness Moving TVC

    This television commercial features the journey of an animated kite which was animated to fly through several scenes featuring South Australian landmarks. While the look of the animation is simple and seemingly straightforward, we overcame several technical hurdles such as keeping the kite flying continuously through a single shot without any edits. All illustrations were provided by KWP.

  • Functionally Isometric Animations

    Functionally Isometric Animations

    This animated video was created for company Functionally to explain problems that businesses face when expanding on how they help solve them. The animation was based around their isometric illustration style using a variety of scenes and simple characters.

  • Telstra at your service

    Telstra at your service

    The video above is an edited compilation of the 4 x 1-2 minute videos that were created. These videos have since been updated and the style changed to 3D using the Telstra Carebot. The Telstra ‘at your service’ videos were created as a set of online videos to explain, promote, and highlight the features of several of their online tools and services including Telstra My Account, Telstra 24×7 App, Pre-Paid Recharge, and Data Usage. The videos were created for the agency Significant Others who created the script and many of the visual concepts and sketched storyboards. These storyboards were then…