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I provide creative, skilled, and reliable services directly to businesses and organisations, or as a freelancer to agencies and design/production studios looking to outsource specialised work. Therefore I have the ability to both manage and create an entire product from conception to completion, or to take on a niche role as part of a larger creative team.

I work directly with large companies such as Rio Tinto, AFL, Tennis Australia, Lifebroker, AATP, and Deloitte, and also produce work via advertising agencies and production companies for their clients which have included Telstra, Adidas, ANZ, Village Cinemas, RMIT, and BP.

The work I create is used on a variety of platforms and has varied uses including web/online, pre-rolls, TVCs, opening titles, corporate videos, stadium scoreboards and signage, apps, and more.

Due to ongoing commitments and software/hardware requirements, I am no longer available to work in-house at studios or agencies.

Services provided include...

Motion Graphics (Design & Animation)

Motion Graphics (also known as broadcast design or motion design) is generally 2D animation comprising of graphic design assets including typography, icons, and other graphics. I have extensive experience creating motion graphics videos in a variety of styles from concept to completion, or can just provide the animation component if the designs and artwork are provided.

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3D Animation

3D software is very multi-faceted with specialisations including modelling, lighting, animation, plus many more, which are required to produce high end animations for cinema and big budget TV. I'm a 3D generalist which means I have a solid knowledge in most of these disciplines and can use this to produce smaller scale animations suitable for television and web from start to finish.

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Character Animation

The use of characters can bring personaility to a video or be used as a means to present information. I'm able to create a range of character animations ranging from the more Pixar-like 3D cartoon style, to more realstic animations of people. We can work with existing characters or design and conceptualise characters from scratch.

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Other Services

Other animation, design, and video services and produce and I can produce or provide include.

  • Opening Titles Design and Animation
  • Logo and Branding Animation
  • Online Explainer Videos
  • Television Commercial Production (including CAD approval and submission to networks)
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Web and Online Design

Several of these services involve collaborations with other talented freelance specialists including additional designers and animators, editors, and video producers.