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Freelance Animated Web and Explainer Videos

I’ve been producing web and explainer videos for years and know what it takes to create animated videos that effectively communicate the message whilst entertaining and engaging an online audience with short attention spans. I can produce bespoke videos in their entirety from script consultation through to visual style design, storyboarding, and sound design. Alternatively you have design capabilities you can provide us with the artwork and we can bring them to life.

  • Telstra Support Videos

    Telstra Support Videos

    A series of 4 animated web videos were created to assist customers with using Telstra’s products and services. The topics of each video were: Monitoring Data Usage, 24×7 App, My Account, Pre-Paid Recharge. These videos were an update on the 2D style videos previously created. To keep consistency across Telstra services the robot butler was replaced with a ‘Carebot’, and the style changed from a 2D look to fully 3D with a wider colour palette which increased the overall production values. The video above is an edited compilation of the 4 videos that were created. You can view each video…

  • La Trobe University Alumni

    La Trobe University Alumni

    La Trove university approached us to create an animated video that helps explain their alumni community and the associated benefits. We created a lead alumni character from which the message is based around, along with a range of supporting alumni and student characters, all using a simple outlined style of illustration with engaging transitions between scenes.

  • Functionally Isometric Animations

    Functionally Isometric Animations

    This animated video was created for company Functionally to explain problems that businesses face when expanding on how they help solve them. The animation was based around their isometric illustration style using a variety of scenes and simple characters.

  • Telstra at your service

    Telstra at your service

    The video above is an edited compilation of the 4 x 1-2 minute videos that were created. These videos have since been updated and the style changed to 3D using the Telstra Carebot. The Telstra ‘at your service’ videos were created as a set of online videos to explain, promote, and highlight the features of several of their online tools and services including Telstra My Account, Telstra 24×7 App, Pre-Paid Recharge, and Data Usage. The videos were created for the agency Significant Others who created the script and many of the visual concepts and sketched storyboards. These storyboards were then…

  • Lifebroker Animations

    Lifebroker Animations

    Insurance company Lifebroker approached me to create 10 short web animated videos, each explaining a different product or service they offer. Their logo leant itself to being adapted as a character, and subsequently a family and other characters were created to explain each service. As many of the videos death with serious topics such as death and disability, the characters were used in a non-literal way to explain each product. The concept for each video was created by Chris Northey, and then developed using a sketched storyboard which was then translated to vibrant 3D animations.   TPD Insurance Video  …

  • TWE Social Media Video

    TWE Social Media Video

    This motion graphics piece was created for Treasury Wine Estates (TWE) to effectively explain their social media policy in an engaging way. Animation was completed by Shane Northey. Created for Advertising Associates. Use of video on this website is to showcase creative work and not intended for commercial use.

  • Western Bulldogs Animations

    Western Bulldogs Animations

    An animated version of the new Western Bulldogs logo was created for the logo launch and to be used as an introduction to their videos and adapted as a title screen for Bulldogs TV. The logo was provided by the Western Bulldogs and different elements of the design were then separated so that they could be individually constructed in the animated sequence. In addition to the logo a motion graphics video was created that explains the different types of memberships available including the seating of each package in Etihad Stadium, and what is included with each membership. The design was…

  • iSelect Means Testing

    iSelect Means Testing

    This motion graphics animation for iSelect means testing was created for Melbourne agency Taboo. The animation was created from Taboo’s provided artwork, and uses text and info-graphics to effectively communicate the message.