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Blog  |   Some Great Animations April 2011

A couple of months ago I posted some great motion graphics, animations, and short films from Japan. I thought I’d keep that up and share some great creative pieces that I’ve come across over the past few months. Thanks to a bunch of other sites and blogs out there for posting some great content. Enjoy!


Adidas France | 3D Mapping Projection

This is amazing! This is what happens when you’ve got enough money to back up a good idea and it’s done brilliantly. There seems to be an increase in interactive and projection based art out there which is very exciting.


Joy of Destruction | Short Animation

Director : Xaver Xylophon
This is pretty black but quite funny and I’m a big fan of the animation style and pace of this piece.


One Minute Puberty | Animation

Director :Alexander Gellner
This short animation tells the story of the transformation from boy to man succinctly and humorously. As with the animation above it’s short and sweet and perfect for the limited attention span of a web audience.


The Cyclotrope | Animation

Director :Tim Wheatley
With a lot of high tech animation out there it’s good to see something that’s back to basics but highly impressive.


56 Leonard | 3D Visualisation Animation

Director :Tronic Studio
Having worked in the 3D architectural visualisation industry in the past I’ve seen a lot of generic fly-throughs which are handy for showing off a space, but are often long winded and don’t do much to grab the viewer’s attention. This piece shows how a different and creative angle can be taken to create something original and captivating. Unfortunately I can’t see anyone based in Australia forking out the cash for a project of this quality.