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Blog  |   Horiren 15th anniversary

Horiren is a world renowned Japanese tattoo artist, and as part of her 15th anniversary a World Gallery was created to showcase photographs of her work. This involved people from around the world placing the photograph in their workplace or public area, taking a photo of the photo, and sharing via social media on the same day.

My modest home studio isn’t the most exciting of locations, so I decided to place it around central Melbourne and shared the most interesting photos which were among the street artwork of Hosier Lane. The piece is called Sotoki Sosei and Red Utsubo, and a description can be found on the final image in the images below.

Horiren’s tattoos are created in the traditional Japanese style and are true works of art. Congratulations Horiren on your 15th anniversary and I hope you continue to create amazing works of art for years to come.

The photographs of Horiren’s work were taken by my friend, Japanese photographer Hiro Hara.

You can check out more of Horiren’s work at

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