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Blog  |   Motion Graphics from Japan Pt.1

It seems like my blog posts are getting a bit Japan focus heavy, but I’ve come across quite a few amazing motion graphics and animation pieces recently that I thought were worthwhile compiling to share.

The videos featured include music videos, television commercials and short films, many with a distinctively Japanese aesthetic. A lot commercial work seems especially surreal and experimental compared to Australia, which makes me wonder how different the pitching process or level of risk taking is in Japan.

I picked up a brilliant book called ‘Japanese Motion Graphics Creators 2010’ whilst in Japan recently from which a lot of this content is from.

There’s too many video to share to fit in the one post, so I’ll post the next bunch early next week.
I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!


Sour ‘Hibi no Neiro’ | Music Video

Director : Masashi Kawamura
Music video for Japanese band ‘Sour’ which uses webcam footage to link the screens together. Amazing coordination and editing!


A wolf loves pork | Stop Motion Animation

Animator : Taijin Takeuchi
This one starts off a bit slow but gets more impressive as it progresses. The thing I love the most about this one is the environments in the photos is appropriately matched by the position the photos are placed in the apartment. This concept was obviously bought out by Olympus and I assume Takeuchi directed these two equally impressive stop motion animations for them (The Pen Story & Pen Giant)


SEED | Short Animation

Animator : Kosai Sekine
There’s not much to this one concept wise, but the style of animation is beautifully fluent and technically impressive. This short film was comissioned by UNIQLO


Atomic World | Short Animation

Animator : Yoshiki Imazu
This is a very stimulating and slightly surreal hand drawn animation with a great soundtrack to accompany it.


Nike-ID Cosplay | Online Advertisement

Animator : Kan Eguchi
The online viral advertisement by Nike is classic Japanese craziness and a lot of fun. I would have loved to be on the streets in Tokyo when they were shooting this.


More to come next week!