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Blog  |   Motion Graphics from Japan Pt.2

This is part two of a post featuring more brilliant, creative, and warped motion graphics, 3D animations, and music videos from Japan. Enjoy!


Boss Black Coffee ‘Whale’ | TVC

Director : Koichiro Tsujikawa
TV commercials for cans coffee (vile stuff but credit for getting me through long days at work) are all over Japanese TV, but this is by far the best I’ve seen. Looks like this one escaped the harpoon.


Halfby – Slip On | Music Video

Director : Groovisions
I love the simplicity and hilarious looped character movements in this music video, which feels like a synchronised sequence to The Sims or similar video game. The animation is almost a perfect match to the music. This is one of a series of music videos for ‘Halfby’ and other videos worth checking out are Screw the Plan and Rodeo Machine


MTV Awards 2010 | Motion Graphics

Director : Tokyo Design Studio
These are a series of short title screens for Japan MTV music awards featuring some very cool graphic particle effects and animation.


Hangetsu | Music Video

Director : Masashu Kawamura
In part one of this post I featured a music video by this director and for the same band ‘Sour’. This is another music video for Sour and whilst this isn’t as impressive, it’s still a great concept that’s well executed and shows a lot of imagination and creativity.


Chainsaw Maid | Stop Motion Animation

Director : Takena Nagao
This is one in a series of overly violent and slightly disturbing claymation animations. The below version with a J-Pop song replaced as the soundtrack which juxtaposes quite well with the visuals. More animation in this series at Very black.


Urban Abstract | Motion Graphics

Director : Musuta
This is pure ‘arty’ motion graphics and personally a bit too techy/futuristic for my tastes, but I put it in as it’s actually very technically complex and quite beautiful in places.