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Blog  |   Photography of New Zealand

Recently I returned from a brilliant trip to New Zealand where I travelled from North to South in 3 weeks, passing through a lot of must see sites and a few lesser known places. As an Aussie you’re constantly reminded how beautiful and abundant in nature NZ is, so it’s a place of wanted to visit for a long time but neglected due to being too similar culturally. After just a few hours in the country it was obvious how completely different the landscape is to Australia, and it only improved the further I travelled.

Mixing business with pleasure, I spent a lot of time shooting time lapse videos for a small business I will be launching next year, but along the way I also managed to take a few photos as well. Given how photogenic the country is I didn’t have to work too hard to get a lot of nice landscape shots. Photos in the collection are almost entirely nature shots, and were taken around the Bay of Islands at the top of the north island, the geothermal area around Taupo, the alpine areas in the middle of the south island, and the Fiordlands in the south west.

When I travel I’m always provided with visual stimuli which gives birth to a lot of ideas and can greatly influence the work I create. New Zealand was no exception and reinforced the impact that dramatic and overwhelming landscapes have on us. I’m looking forward to returning in the near future to explore some more!