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Telstra Support Videos

Client Telstra, Significant Others

ROLE Visual Design and Concept Development, 3D Artwork and Animation

A series of 4 animated web videos were created to assist customers with using Telstra’s products and services. The topics of each video were: Monitoring Data Usage, 24×7 App, My Account, Pre-Paid Recharge. These videos were an update on the 2D style videos previously created. To keep consistency across Telstra services the robot butler was replaced with a ‘Carebot’, and the style changed from a 2D look to fully 3D with a wider colour palette which increased the overall production values.

The video above is an edited compilation of the 4 videos that were created. You can view each video in it’s entirety via the links below:

24 x 7 App
My Account
Data Usage
Pre-Paid Recharge

Character rigging and animation by Andy Yong.

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