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Village Cinemas The Nom Noms

Client Lifelounge Agency, Village Cinemas

ROLE 3D Animation, Lighting, Texturing, and Rendering

A group of characters called the Nom Noms were conceived by Melbourne agency Lifelounge for their client Village Cinemas to promote their candy bar products. After initial development these characters were then passed on to us to further refine using  a series of sketches, and then each was modelled, rigged, and textured in 3D for use in animation. In total five characters were created based on candy bar food products РKernel Corn the Popcorn, Pop the Soda, Koolio the Choctop, Frank the Hotdog, and Salma the Nacho.

Once each character was setup in 3D, four different animations were then created which included…

An introductory animation to all characters as a mock action film trailer followed by a sequence of the characters watching the trailer in a cinema (above)

Solo animations for each character showing off their ability and personality


Animations of the characters transforming in to food products to show eight different food and drink combos


A reminder animation to be played in the cinema to notify customers that time is still available to buy food and drinks from the candy bar before the film begins.


Scripts, direction, graphic design, and preliminary character design by Lifelounge Agency.
Video and animation created by Chris Northey with character animation from Andy Yong.
Audio by Hassan Lahrech of The Sound Cell.


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