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Blog  |   Welcome to my New Website & Blog

Hi and welcome to my new website & blog. Since my return to Melbourne at the start of 2010 I’ve started freelancing full time and so far I’ve been pretty busy and I’ve had the chance to work on some exciting projects. A big thanks to everyone who has supported me over the past year.

I decided it was time to overhaul my website which was previously just a Flash portfolio with a few extra bits tacked on. The new site has more content, is easier to navigate, and has been categorised so that finding relevant projects is easier. It is also more about the specific services I offer as a freelancer.

I’ve also put in a blog which I’ll be using for news updates, non-commercial projects I’ve been working on, and other things I come across that I think are worthwhile sharing.

Any comments and feedback is appreciated and I’m looking forward to adding more content in the coming months!